Java is one of the most populated islands in the Indonesian archipelago. It is home to Indonesias biggest cities making it the economical, political and cultural centre of Indonesia. The local inhabitants are now mainly Muslim, but monuments from past times are treasured like the Buddhist Borobodur Temple and the Hindu Temple of Prambanan. There are also a lot of active volcanoes on Java, the famous Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru and Mount Kawa Ijen are all found here and can all be climbed - the views from each of their summits are spectacular.
Java: living culture and nature

Java: living culture and nature

Java island is the 5th biggest island in Indonesia and the most populated. It is home to a lot of big cities like the economic and federal capital city Jakarta. In the past, Java has been succesively ruled by Hindu and Buddhist empires, the Islamic sultan and the Dutch Colonial Empire. The Javanese people are now mostly muslim, but there are still a few Christian and Hindu villages and architectural wonders are treasured as a reminder of the past.

Travelling in Java is fairly easy as the roads and transport systems are well developed. The main cities can be reached by plane or even by train. Even though it is the most populated island, it is surprisingly easy to find places where the wild nature is intact, from tropical jungles to white sandy beaches... Java is dotted with active volcanoes, impressive temples and fabulous monuments like Borobodur or Prambanan in Yogyakarta. There are many different things to do in Java and we particularly recommend visiting if you are looking to climb volcanoes or connect with the local culture; travellers often choose to visit Bali and Java in the same trip as they are just a one hour ferry crossing apart...

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