The island of Java is the most populated one. Most of the big cities are located on this island, like the economic and federal capital city Jakarta. The inhabitants are now mainly muslim, but there are still monuments from past times like Borobodur Temple (budhist) and Prambanan Temple (hindouist) that are well preserved. There are also a lot of active volcanoes, like the famous Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru or Mount Kawa Ijen. All of them can be climbed and offer stunning panoramas.
Java : living culture and nature

Java : living culture and nature

Java island is the 5th biggest of Indonesia, and it's the most populated. The biggest cities of the archipelago are on Java, like Surabaya or Jakarta, the capital city. Therefore it is the economical, political and cultural centre of Indonesia. In the past, it's been succesively ruled by the hindu buddhist empire, the islamic sultanate and the dutch colonial empire. The javanese people are mostly muslim, but there are still a few places with christian or hinduist villages. Big architectural wonders are still up and remind us of the past.

Travelling in Java is quite easy, as the roads and transport are developed. The main cities can be reached by plane or even by train. Even if it's the most populated island, it's still easy to find places where the nature is intact, from tropical jungle to white sandy beaches. Java is crossed from west to east by active volcanoes, and some of them like Bromo, Semeru, Merapi or Kawa Ijen can be climbed. Impressive temples and monuments like Borobodur or Prambanan can also be visited in the area of Yogyakarta. Therefore, Java is a nice place to travel, as there are many different things to do, and it's very common that travellers choose to combine Java and Bali during the same program, as the two islands are very close to each other and can be reached with an only one hour ferry crossing.

So if you plan to make some nice and sometimes challenging trekkings, or a more cultural trip, it will be a pleasure for Altai Indonesia team to build with you the best program that can fit your needs.