Flores & Komodo

The island of Flores is found in the East of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Despite a steady increase in tourism here, the island remains remarkably unspoilt and authentic; meeting locals in their remote community villages is not only possible but a 'must do'. The inhabitants always welcome visitors with open arms offering a unique chance to learn about the fascinating culture and traditions of this isolated paradise. Other 'musts' include the picture-perfect spiderweb rice fields in central Flores and the incredible volcano crater lakes of Kelimutu. The West tip of Flores is part of the famous Komodo National Park and home to Labuan Bajo harbour from which it is possible to reach Komodo Island itself. The marine life in this National Park is truly incredible; the only place in the world where you can meet Komodo dragons...
Secret Flores

Secret Flores

Flores Island is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and is roughly 400km long from East to West. The main cities are Maumere, Bajawa and Ende; it is easily accessible via Labuan Bajo harbour. The West tip of the island is part of the Komodo National Park, home to the famous Komodo dragon. The coastal climate is dry and hot and the centre of the island is dominated by a dense tropical jungle. The terrain is fairly mountainous and active volcanoes are found here.
There are a range of things to do and see on Flores Island: For volcano enthusiasts, the Kelimutu volcano and it's colourful lakes is not to be missed; travellers interested in local culture will be delighted to share moments with families in secluded villages like Wae Rebo; and animal lovers will share their time above and under water with the komodo dragons and manta rays of Komodo National Park. There are also a range of hiking trails across Flores for everyone, novices and experts alike...

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