For a long time, Lombok island was living under the shadow of its notorious neighbour Bali Island. But things start to change a bit. Indeed, South Lombok beaches attract a lot of surfers who wan to try secluded spots far from Bali. Lombok is also a paradise for trekking lovers, especially the volcanoes addicts. There are more and more travellers who try to climb the Mount Rinjani, the second highest in Indonesia from its 3700 meters high. Lombok Island is also well known for the numerous islets not far from its coasts. The 3 North-west Gili Islands Trawangan, Meno and Air are surrounded by white sand beaches and nice coral reefs, perfect for people who want to chill out, or get a try at scuba diving.
Stunning Lombok

Stunning Lombok

Lombok island is a close neighbour of Bali. It's a part of Indonesian administrative region of West Nusa Tenggara twhich is itself a part of the eastern Lesser Sunda Islands. Lombok people are mostly muslim, but we can still find hinduist traditions inherited from Bali kingdom occupation during the 17th and 18th centuries. Many people are farmers and grow rice of course, but also
soy, cocoa, tobacco, cinnamon, coffee or corn. The ground is very rich thanks to the ashes of Rinjani volcano that covered the grounds in the past. It's the second highest in Indonesia with its 3726m high.

Lombok is a very authentic island et it's very easy to get there, from Bali with ferry boat or speed boat, but also by plane with the international airport of Mataram. It's a perfect place for adventure travel and many trekking lovers try every year to reach the summit of the Mount Rinjani to enjoy the view of it's stunning crater lake and the active volcano erupting inside the old caldeira. Rinjani climbing can be quite tough, and once they get back down many travellers decide to spend a few days chilling out on the very close Gili Islands (Trawangan, Air and Meno) or in Sekotong and Kuta Lombok in the south. These are also perfect places for the people who didnt get tireed and would like to experiment scuba diving, paddling or surfing!!

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