For a long time, Lombok Island has been living in the shadow of its notorious neighbour Bali, but Lombok has its own perks and charms to offer. The beaches to the South are ideal for surfers seeking secluded spots and it is a paradise for hikers, marine enthusiasts and volcano addicts alike. Lombok is home the Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia at 3726m, a superb hike to the summit offers stunning crater lake views and glimpses of the active volcano erupting inside the old caldera. Lombok Island is surrounded by lots of lovely islets and the three North-west Gili Islands (Trawangan, Meno and Air) are just nearby. These picture perfect islands with their white sand beaches and beautiful coral reefs are perfect for both lazy beach days and scuba diving adventures.
Stunning Lombok

Stunning Lombok

Found next to Bali Island, Lombok is part of the Indonesian administrative region of West Nusa Tenggara which itself is part of the eastern Lesser Sunda Islands. The locals are mostly muslim and there are hinduist traditions which have remained since the Bali kingdom occupation during the 17th and 18th centuries. Many inhabitants are farmers who grow rice, soy, cocoa, tobacco, cinnamon, coffee or corn - the ground is very rich thanks to the ashes of Mount Rinjani!
The authentic Island of Lombok is easy to by boat from Bali or by plane from Mataram. Dominated by the alluring summit of the Mount Rinjani (3726m), Lombok is a perfect destination for adventure lovers. And, after reaching this challenging summit, the nearby Gili Islands with their picture perfect beaches are waiting for you to relax; these islands also perfect for those who want to go scuba diving, paddling or surfing...

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