The small island of Bali is the most famous and most touristy of the 17000 islands which form the Indonesian archipelago. For decades, travellers from around the world have been praising the culture and the kindness of Balis inhabitants, the beautifully preserved nature and its enchanting beaches. Despite the millions of tourists who travel to the island each year, there are still many places in Bali which remain secluded and far from the crowds. Our programmes have been designed to showcase true Balinese culture and the wild nature of this island - find that tranquility you have been looking for.
Surprising Bali

Surprising Bali

Bali is both an island and a province of Indonesia and the only Indonesian island where the majority of locals are Hindus.

Unique traditions, a diverse range of landscapes, pristine beaches and the endless kindness of local people are the key to Balis successful tourist industry which has been developing for around 40 years. The active vulcanoes in Mount Batur and Mount Agung areas and the hot springs all around the island explain the fertility of the earth. The south of Bali is dryer and a paradise for surfers with its never ending beaches.

Despite the bustling tourism, we know where to go for a calm and authentic adventure on the island. Discover peaceful hiking trails in the ricefields, through jungles and up volcanoes, a must for fans of sunrise and spectacular views. The outdoor activities possible on Bali make it a fantastic family holiday destination, go mountain biking, canyoning, scuba diving and snorkelling. The quality of the accommodation on the island is excellent, from big resorts to charming guesthouses, Bali has what you desire...

Discover Bali the Altaï way.