The small island of Bali is the most famous and touristic one of the indonesian archipelago. For decades the travellers around the world have been praising the culture and the kindness of its inhabitants, and the beautiful nature well preserved. Nowadays, millions of tourists travel to the island each year. But there are still many places in Bali which remain secluded and far from the crowd, and our different programs will allow you to find the tranquility you have been looking for.
Surprising Bali

Surprising Bali

Bali is both an island and a province of Indonesia. The originality is that it's the only island where the people are mainly hinduists. Unique traditions, diversity of landscapes, pristine beaches and bottomless kindness of local people are the key of touristic development and success for around 40 years. The active vulcanism in Mount Batur and Mount Agung areas, as well as the hot springs all around the island explain how the ground is so fertile.  The south of Bali is dryer but its never ending beaches are a paradise for surfers

.Although we hear a lot of people complaining that Bali is dying because of the exponential number of tourists coming every year, it's actually very easy to enjoy a peaceful and authentic trip aorund the island. Indeed most of the tourists stay in a very small area, so you ust have to get away from the crowd to discover what Bali truly is. There are a lot of trekkings tracks in the ricefields, the jungle or to climb some volcanoes like Batur or Agung for those who want to experiment sunrises with spectacular scenerys. Bali is also very nice to discover as a family, a lot of outdoor activities can be done such as Mountain biking, Canyoning, Scuba diving, rafting or snorkelling. The quality of accomodation is excellent, from the big resorts in the south to the charming guest houses all around the island.

Discovering Bali is still an amazing experience, and very few are the people who claim they will not come back once their first trip is over. Dont hesitate to ask any advice to Altai Indonesia team. It will be our great pleasure to share our experience and to propose you our best adventure trips.