Long & Deep discovery in Indonesia

This trip helps you to travel almost all the main islands of Indonesia to discover deeply the wildness, the culture and the people from these different islands. You will encounter
- From the wild orang-utans, tarsiers to Komodo dragons...
- From the wild tropical jungles to large rice paddies...
- From the local Javanese Muslim culture to the special death spirit Torajan culture...


  • Day 1 Arrival in Jakarta

    Arrival in Jakarta You will arrive at the airport of Jakarta, you will meet and greet by your local driver, and then transfer to your hotel.

    - 30m drive
    - Night in FM7 Hotel 4*: Deluxe Room
    - No meals

  • Day 2 Flight from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun – Kumai– Tanjung Harapan

    Flight from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun – Kumai– Tanjung Harapan You need to take a very early morning flight from Jakarta to Borneo for boarding on your traditional private wood boat cruise trip.
    Your guide will be waiting for you at your hotel, transfer to the port of Kumai about 15-20 minutes by car where we will embark on a great adventure! You arrive at our traditional wooden boat, called a klotok. Our guide will reconfirm with the crew that everything is ready and start the cruise up the river in the famous Sekonyer River aboard a klotok. If your flight arrives early (before 11.30 AM), you can arrive in time to the rehabilitation center of Tanjung Harapan, where at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the rangers of the national park feed the orangutans, and you can have your first close encounters with them. The translation of Tanjung Harapan is Cape of Hope. This first camp is one of the ones with more wetlands, and being in the afternoon has more mosquitoes, so make sure you put on enough mosquito repellent. Here you also can do the reforestation, where you can be volunteers to plant a tree, and so take pride that you have contributed a grain of sand to conservation with your step over there. After visiting this Rangers Camp, you will continue upstream, resting on the boat, while you search for animals in the vicinity of the Sekonyer River. This afternoon, it is very frequent to see groups of proboscis monkeys and monkeys in the treetops, jumping from one branch to another, or even crocodiles, and lizards in the shallow waters of the sides of the river. Prepare for sunset. The boat moored on one side of the river to spend the night. Tonight, you can do a walk into the jungle to look for night animals like snakes, tarantulas or if you are lucky luminescent mushrooms or tarsiers.

    Note: When you book your flight, pls book the morning one. You need to check in at your Klotok boat before 10:30AM. For your klotok boat trip, you will be accompanied by an English- speaking guide.

    - 30m drive in Jakarta, 20m drive in Pangkalan Bun
    - Flight not included
    - Night on private traditional wood klotok boat
    - Meals:B, L, D

  • Day 3 Tanjung Harapan Village – Proboscis Tour – Camp Leakey

    Tanjung Harapan Village – Proboscis Tour – Camp Leakey After an extraordinary breakfast, you go to visit the village inside the national park, named Tanjung Harapan Village. Here you will see the activities of the locals. After the visit, you will return to the klotok cruise up to the Seikonyer River. You will see nice vegetation around the river bank, including Nipa Palm, Pandanus, and some kinds of trees that are growing up around the river. See some wildlifes such as birds, Macaques, Proboscis Monkeys and Orangutans. You will see how the coloration of the river changes, and you will have the opportunity to see crocodiles and large monitor lizards.
    Arrival at Camp Leakey, the old orangutan research and rehabilitation center since 1971, when a student at UCLA Los Angeles University, Birutte Galdikas began studying the Orangutans there. The name Camp Leaky comes from Birutte’s own teacher, the Paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey. At least 200 orangutans had already been cured and returned to the jungles, thanks to this center. However, since 1995, the Government of Indonesia has banned the introduction of more Orangutans into this camp, so Orangutans are increasingly adapting more to freedom. To this day, this camp is used as an investigation into the behavior and feeding of Orangutans. You will take advantage of your guide to explore the interiors of the jungle a bit to look for orangutans in freedom and other animals. At 14.00, you can see the feeding time of the Orangutans. You can also visit the small museum made by the scientist Dr. Birute Galdikas.

    Note: The Birate Galdikas Museum at Camp Leaky is currently closed for maintenance purposes. Regrettably, visits to this site will not be possible until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you updated on the reopening of the museum.

    - Night on private traditional wood klotok boat
    - Meals:B,L,D

  • Day 4 Pondok Tanggui – Camp Leakey– Boat

    Pondok Tanggui – Camp Leakey– Boat After an extraordinary breakfast, you will go in time to see the Pondok Tanggui Camp at the time of feeding (9 AM). Sooner or later, you will see how the branches of the treetops begin to move, and then you will see the silhouettes of the Orangutans arriving at the feeding platform. Pondok Tanggui was a release camp for young Orangutans that were rehabilitated, and they continue to add food every day to prevent the Orangutans from leaving because of a lack of food. They end up outside the National Park, with the following risk of falling into traps of settlers or fields of palm oil plantations. After lunch, you will have the opportunity to repeat feeding camp at Camp Leaky. It is a unique opportunity to dedicate more time to your observation and to discover more wild animals, along with the Orangutans. In the afternoon, if it does not rain, the boat will be docked near a firefly congregation, and you can enjoy the show of its luminescence.

    - Night on private traditional wood klotok boat
    - Meals:B,L,D

  • Day 5 Kumai Port – Pangkalan Bun- Flight to Semarang - Drive to Yogyakarta: visit Sultan palace and Taman Sari water palace

    Kumai Port – Pangkalan Bun- Flight to Semarang - Drive to Yogyakarta: visit Sultan palace and Taman Sari water palace In the early morning, we will enjoy the last moments of the sounds of the jungle, before heading to the port, to be transferred to the airport. You will take your flight after 1PM to Semarang city. Then your English-speaking driver will wait you at the airport of Semarang to take you to Yogyakarta. When you arrive at Yogyakarta, you will visit Keraton: the Sultan palace and its inseparable Taman Sari water palace. The Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat is a palace complex in the city of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia. It is the seat of the reigning Sultan of Yogyakarta and his family. The complex is a center of Javanese culture, and contains a museum displaying royal artifacts. Taman Sari Water Castle, also known as Taman Sari, is the site of a former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta.

    Note: Pls book the flight at afternoon around 1PM. For your Java trip until Kuta, you will be accompanied by an English-speaking driver.

    - 20m drive in PKN, 4h drive in Java
    - Flight booked by client
    - Night in HOTEL SANTIKA PREMIERE: deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 6 Visit Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple

    Visit Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple Today, you will firstly drive to Borobudur temple. It is the world's largest Buddhist temple. The temple consists of nine stacked platforms, six square and three circular, topped by a central dome. Then you will go to visit Prambanan Temple. It is a 9th-century Hindu temple compound in Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, dedicated to the Trimūrti, the expression of God as the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer.
    Note: Since 2022, the local government of Borobudur make the decision to close climb up until the top of Borobudur, which means you're not allowed to climb the temple any more and are limited to walking around its base and through the areas gardens.

    - 2h drive
    - Night in HOTEL SANTIKA PREMIERE: deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 7 Yogyakarta - Solo

    Yogyakarta - Solo Today we continue our trip in Surakarta and the vicinity, popularly known as Solo, which competes with Yogyakarta as the centre of Javanese culture. You will visit Mangkunegaran Palace belonging to Surakarta royal family. You will stop also at Triwindu flea market. Next you will travel through pretty countryside to discover the mystery of Sukuh temple. A number of inscriptions dating from the period 1416 – 1459 have been found here. The main structure is shaped like a flat-topped pyramid, like no other building in ancient Indonesia. Candi Sukuh is unique among other classical monuments as you may find here many erotic relieves. Also, we will visit the nearby Ceto temple. Make a stop at Kemuning tea plantation. This tea plantation lies close to Sukuh and Ceto temple. This tea plantation lies on the hilly terrain, range from 800 - 1,000 meter above sea level, a nice place to enjoy fresh and cool mountain air.

    -3h drive
    - Night in Warisan Heritage Boutique Hotel - 3*: Superior Room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 8 Solo - Bromo

    Solo - Bromo At 07.00, you ride the train Sancaka Pagi from Solo town to Mojokerto which arrive at 10.33. From Mojokerto, you travel to Bromo for another 4.5 hrs drive. Mount Bromo is an active volcano that stands at 2,329 meters. Bromo is located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The slope of the mountain is cultivated by the local Tenggerese farmers with the market of vegetables. The Tenggerese history can be traced back to the peoples of the Majapahit Kingdom who fled their land following an eruption from Mount Merapi. They are the only group of Hindus left in Java today. According to your arrival time, you can walk down to discover the Tengger caldeira.

    - 5h drive
    - 3h local train
    - Night in Lava View Hotel: deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 9 Bromo Sunrise Trip – Ketapang

    Bromo Sunrise Trip – Ketapang At 03.00 in the early morning you'll be wake up and the Jeep will bring you to the world's most famous view point at Mt. Pananjakan on the rim of the Tengger caldera to enjoy the sunrise with its young volcanic including Mt Bromo and an active Mt Semeru in the background. Then if the condition allowed, the adventure continues to an active Mt. Bromo volcano to climb up 245 steps of stairs to reach the ridge of Bromo Caldera. After this we will proceed back to hotel for breakfast. Then the journey will continue to Ketapang for your night.

    - 6h drive
    - 1h hiking
    - Night in HOTELKETAPANG INDAH 4*: Garden Superior Room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 10 Ijen Sunrise Hike – Kuta/ Bali

    Ijen Sunrise Hike – Kuta/ Bali Around midnight direction Paltuding. Once there, the approximately 2-hour climb begins on foot to the crater of the Ijen Plateau. Once there, you will experience something unique in the world, in total darkness of the night. The strenuous climb is rewarded. Arriving at the 2,443-meter summit, you will experience a fantastic, magical view over the greenish blue lake of the Ijen Crater at sunrise, the most poisonous lake in the world.
    On the way, you will meet the numerous workers, who will break down the sulfur and transport it into the valley in their baskets of up to 100 kilograms. Once in the valley, do not miss to stop by the weighing station to experience how hard the brave miners must toil. Before heading back to the hotel, enjoy a cup of fresh coffee, fruits and local snacks in a typical Javanese waroeng at the entrance to the national park. You will continue your trip to Ketapang harbor then take Ferry to Gilimanuk/Bali then drop off you at hotel in Kuta area, Bali.

    - 4h30 drive
    - 3-4h hiking
    - Elevation : +400m -400m
    - Ferry : 40m
    - Night in Bali Garden Resort 4*: Superior Room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 11 Bali - Makassar – Sengkang

    Bali - Makassar – Sengkang Fly to Makassar on South Sulawesi. Then, transfer to Sengkang Village, app 5 hrs drive. Among the village we pass is Cimba Village, a small village with nice view over the towering hills of South Sulawesi. Arrival in Sengkang early afternoon. In Sengkang, we will take you to the silk weaver which still working till the moment, then cruising on Tempe lake by Lopee Bugis small long wooden motorized boat to see Wajo fisherman floating houses, freshwater fish ponds, and relax on floating house a while at sunset moment.

    Note: Pls book the flight in the morning from Bali to Makassar.

    - 30m drive in Bali, 5h drive in Sulawesi
    - Flight booked by client
    - Night in SALLO HOTEL SENGKANG 2*: deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 12 Sengkang – Rantepao

    Sengkang – Rantepao After breakfast at hotel, depart and proceed to Rantepao, app 5 hrs drive. On the way there, stop at Soppeng to observe the huge “bat” tree. Personal lunch en route at Enrekang, with gorgeous panorama of Bambapuang rocky mountain high near to Buntu Kebobong, the mountain looks erotic. Arrival early afternoon in Rantepao. Before we check in to hotel, we will make a visit to Londa Village, the village with a natural cave grave.

    - 5h drive
    - Night in TORAJA MISILIANA HOTEL -3*: deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 13 Toraja Tour

    Toraja Tour After breakfast at hotel full day exploring Toraja Land, visiting The cliff-side stone grave with wooden effigies on the balcony at Lemo, The royal family tombs at Suaya, The baby grave in the huge tree at Kambira. Personal lunch at local restaurant in Rantepao. After lunch, visiting the natural cave at Londa and then proceed to the traditional wooden carving village at Kete Kesu.

    - 2h drive
    - Night in TORAJA MISILIANA HOTEL -3*: deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 14 Hiking: Rantepao – Sa'dan – Batutumonga

    Hiking: Rantepao – Sa'dan – Batutumonga After breakfast drive to north of Toraja about one hour trekking will begin at Sa'dan Village up to mountain of Batutumonga, You will passes local village and meet directly with local Toraja people on the way. Late afternoon arrived at Batutumonga for stay over night at local family house.

    - 4h hiking
    - 50 min drive
    - Night in homestay
    - Meals:B,L,D

  • Day 15 Hiking: Batutumonga - Parinding

    Hiking: Batutumonga - Parinding Breakfast at homestay and enjoy beautiful area around village of Batutumonga, then continue trekking to Parinding village, this the most beautiful view in Toraja land, you will walk on terrace of rice field then enjoy very beautiful panorama and watch local Torajan family work in rice field, afternoon arrived at Parinding village for stay over night, to night will in Tongkonan house with family.

    - 5-6h hiking
    - Night in homestay
    - Meals:B,L,D

  • Day 16 Hiking: Parinding - Salu - Rantepao

    Hiking: Parinding - Salu - Rantepao Afternoon breakfast another trekking to Salu via Lolai, trekking will passes many local village then reach Salu, Driver pick up at Salu then drive to Rantepao for personal lunch, then Afternoon back to hotel.

    - 2-3h hiking
    - 30m drive
    - Night in TORAJA MISILIANA HOTEL -3*: deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 17 Rantepao – Makassar – Bali/Kuta

    Rantepao – Makassar – Bali/Kuta Breakfast at hotel, then another 9 hours drive to reach Makassar then to the airport for your flight Makassar – Bali.

    Note: Pls book your flight late on this day.

    - 8h drive in Sulawesi, 30m drive in Bali
    - Flight booked by client
    - Night in Bali Garden Resort 4*: Superior Room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 18 Bali – Labuan Bajo – Ende – Moni

    Bali – Labuan Bajo – Ende – Moni Transfer to the airport, then fly to Labuan Bajo on West Flores. From Labuhan Bajo, by Wings Air to Ende town on East Flores.
    From Ende, your English-speaking driver will pick you at the airport of Ende and drive up to Moni Village, about 60 km drive to the highland. Moni is a small, peaceful highland town.
    During your journey, you'll have the opportunity to visit the Wologai traditional village. This cultural excursion will provide you with a unique and enriching experience.

    - 30m drive in Bali, 1h40 drive in Flores
    - Flights booked by client
    - Night in Kelimutu Crater Lodge 3*: Standard Room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 19 Moni – Kelimutu– Ende - Bajawa

    Moni – Kelimutu– Ende - Bajawa Early morning, drive up to the three-colored lake of Kelimutu, one of Indonesia's most mysterious and dramatic sights. The three lakes, set in deep craters at a height of 1’600 meters. Down road to Moni for breakfast, then continue to Ende and then to Bajawa Town.
    Bajawa is located in the heart of Ngadha ethnic civilization, which is known for the megalithic cultures. There are traditional villages furnished with stone monuments, ancestor worship shrines and Adat Houses. The hamlets are beautifully settled in the volcanic mountainous area.
    On your route to Bajawa, you'll have the chance to pause at Blue Stone Beach, an extraordinary destination known for its distinctive stone-covered shoreline. This stop offers a captivating opportunity to witness the natural beauty of this unique beach.

    - 1-2h hiking
    - 5h drive
    - Night in Manulalu Bed & Breakfast 3*: double room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 20 Bajawa – Bena - Tololela - Gurusina - Ruteng

    Bajawa – Bena - Tololela - Gurusina - Ruteng Check out from hotel, then you proceed to Bena Village , the most famous and also most visited village in Ngada district. With its impressive stone formations and ancestral shrines, as well as traditional houses, Bena has turned into an icon of Ngada culture.
    From Bena Village, you will trek for app 2 hr to the small village of Tololela, a small village, but still very traditional on the foot of Inerie mountain. The village sits on the hilly terrain, overlooking the beautiful Inerie Volcano. Locals are still living in their traditional house. As they are close to the volcano, the land is fertile, they grow various kinds of plants nearby their compound. To conclude your hike, you'll have the chance to explore the Gurusina traditional village. This visit will provide a culturally enriching experience as a fitting end to your trek.
    After the hike, drive to Ruteng with beautiful panoramic views. Arrive in Ruteng late in the afternoon, then check in Hotel.

    - 2h hiking
    - 3h40 drive
    - Night in Arah Garden Inn 3*: Standard Room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 21 Ruteng – Spider Rice Paddies - Natural Canyon Cunca Wulang - Labuan Bajo

    Ruteng – Spider Rice Paddies - Natural Canyon Cunca Wulang - Labuan Bajo Following breakfast, we'll embark on a Ruteng city tour to explore the ancient Catholic church and the charming Ruteng Pu traditional village.
    Continuing your journey towards Labuan Bajo, you'll have the chance to visit the village of Cara in the Cancar region. Here, you'll encounter the hidden marvel known as Lingko, a unique spider web-like rice field—a truly unparalleled sight.
    The drive from Ruteng to Labuan Bajo will span approximately four hours. En route, you'll make a delightful stop at a natural canyon and the enchanting Cunca Wulang waterfall, offering the opportunity to swim and perhaps even indulge in some acrobatics.
    By late afternoon, you'll reach Labuan Bajo and check in at your beachfront hotel, where you can unwind and appreciate the scenic surroundings.

    - 4h drive
    - Night in BINTANG FLORES HOTEL - 4*: deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Days 22 to 23 Free day in Labuan Bajo

    Free day in Labuan Bajo Today is your free day in Labuan Bajo.

    Note: Today you don't have any guide or driver services.

    Activity on option:
    1. Boat trip to Goa Rangko: Price: 95€/person
    Your English-speaking guide will take to the port (30m drive) to embarque on your boat and sail to the spectacular site of Goa Rangko caves with you. Goa Rangko is a cave with an amazing clear lake seamed by stalactites and stalagmites. After some time exploring and swimming in the caves you will
    sail back to Labuan Bajo . Your guide will take you to check in at your hotel. You can leave your big luggage in your car, and just take your tower, swimming suit, camera, important personal things with you. (3-4h trip)
    - Goa Rangko Ticket
    - Snorkeling Gear Goa Rangko
    - Boat Goa Rangko - Labuan Bajo
    - Lunchbox + mineral water
    - 1 English-speaking guide
    - Transfert hotel Labuan Bajo - Port - Labuan Bajo

    2. PRIVATE KOMODO PHINISI BOAT TRIP Or Private Speedboat trip to Komodo Islands ! (pls consult our travel consultant for the price of private boat trip).

    - Night in BINTANG FLORES HOTEL - 4*: deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 24 Labuan Bajo - Bali - Lombok

    Labuan Bajo - Bali - Lombok At the appropriate time, transfer to the airport then fly to Bali and then to Lombok Island. Arrival at Lombok, pick up by your English-speaking driver, transfer to hotel.

    Note: Pls book the morning flight from Labuan Bajo to Lombok. For your trip in Lombok, you will be accompanied by an English-speaking driver.

    - 30m drive in Labuan Bajo, 1h30 drive in Lombok
    - Night in Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort 5*: Deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 25 Kuta Lombok/ Sasak Tour

    Kuta Lombok/ Sasak Tour Today, the tour will take you to visit : Banyumulek, famous for its traditional pottery, Sukarare village; renowned for its traditional hand weaving of brightly patterned songket, ikat and sarong cloth, next, Sade village – featuring the unique traditional lodge with its buffalo dung floors, Tanjung A’an at Kuta beach – one of the most scenic and un-spoilt beaches in this part of the island.

    - 3h drive
    - Night in Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort 5*: Deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 26 Soft Trekking in Tetebatu waterfall

    Soft Trekking in Tetebatu waterfall After a short drive passing through Mataram, the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara, a short stop will be made at Karang Bayan village, popular for its traditional Ketak handicraft. Then you will drive to TETE BATU waterfall for a soft waterfall hiking. Nice little waterfall tucked away from it all, have to walk through the rice fields to get to the waterfall, its only about 30 feet high and you have to walk through the water about 1 foot deep to get close to the waterfall. So not able to swim just to go and gaze, very peaceful lovely location.

    - 1h30 hiking
    - 4h30 drive
    - Night in Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort 5*: Deluxe room
    - Meals: B

  • Day 27 Lombok - Fly to Jakarta and Back Home

    Lombok - Fly to Jakarta and Back Home Transfer to the airport of Lombok, then fly to Jakarta. End of our service.

    - 30m drive
    - Flight booked by client
    - Meals: B

Please note that sailing distances are in nautical miles. Sailing times are indicative and may vary depending on tides, weather conditions and route variations. Your guides reserve the right to modify the itinerary or cancel excursions for safety or unforeseen logistical reasons.

Period & budget

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- All private transportation with English-speaking driver in Indonesia

- Transportation for all the pick ups and drop offs as described
- Accommodation as described for 26 nights in B&B basis
- Local guides for Hiking in Toraja, Lombok, Flores, Java
- Entrance fees of the sites in the program
- Meals as indicated in the program (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Diner)
- 4D3N live onboard trip in Borneo
- 1 porter during 3 day's hiking in Toraja
- Jeep in Bromo and Ijen
- Local boat to tempe lac
- Gallon of water in the car

Not included

- Activities and visits during your free afternoon/days

- Guide and transportation services during your free days
- International and domestic flights
- Personal drinks or meals which are not included in the program
- Tipping (advise: 3 - 5 €/traveler/day)
- Special Tipping for boat trip for all the crew (advise: 8 - 10€/traveler/day)
- Personal gratuities
- Komodo national park and local rangers fee (to be paid on site)
- Travel Insurance


- Accommodation/boat trip upon availability

- This itinerary is provided as an indication: according to the weather and operational conditions, your driver/guide can modify this itinerary for your safety.

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  • Cancellation received 13 to 7 days before the departure date: 75% of the total trip price will be retained
  • Cancellation received less than 7 days before the departure date: 100% of the total trip price will be retained

Special cases:
Please note that, regardless of the date of cancellation or modification if you have agreed to pay for services such as hotel reservations, flights or additional activities, these services are usually non-refundable so additional fees may apply.
  • Fixed airfares: if your airline ticket was issued in advance, often done to avoid significant surcharges, you will be charged 100% of any non-refundable fees if you wish to change or cancel your flight plan.
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Practical info


Dinners, lunches and breakfasts are taken in restaurants or at the hotel. Please be aware that the tap water in Indonesia is not drinkable.

Please let us know about any dietary requirements when you book the trip and we will work with you to cater for your needs.


- In hotels in a double / twin room (standard equivalent to 2 or 3 * French). Private sanitary facilities.
- In losmen some nights (equivalent to hostels or local guest house held by locals), simpler comfort.
- Homestay: basic comfort, sleeping can be common, sanitary to share. These accommodations, although more rustic, allow you to immerse yourself in local life.
If you wish, to promote the exchange and sharing, you can provide a little attention for our guests (eg local specialty of your region, ...)

* Hot water is sometimes not available in all rooms.


You only carry your belongings for the day, your big luggage stays in the bus during the day and your activities.

Budget & exchange

The currency in Indonesia is the Indonisian Rupiah, Rp (IDR)
Visit http://www.xe.com for the latest currency converter and exchange rates. You can withdraw Indonesian Rupiahs from in- country ATMs or exchange money at the airport/local currency exchange offices. ATMs and exchange desks are only found on bigger islands like Bali (Denpasar, Ubud, Sanur). The cost of an average meal in Java is around 3US$ to 8US$; in Bali it is 4US$ to 11US$.

When purchasing souvenirs, we ask that our travelers resist the temptation to buy traditional items which are part of local families/the countries heritage. We also ask our travelers to respect the Species Protection Agreements (CITES) which aims to protect more than 2,500 species of animals and 30,000 species of threatened plants by prohibiting the trade of hides, ivory, scales, corals, shells, and the import of live exotic animals.


Tipping is not an obligation and must be left to everyone's discretion.
Nevertheless, in Indonesia it is customary to leave one when you are satisfied with the service rendered. Its amount depends on the appreciation of it and must take into account the local economy.
Tips too important, given the general standard of living of the country visited, destabilize local economic balances. As a reminder, the tip is a supplement and does not replace their remuneration. Indeed, anyone acting on our trips being paid elsewhere.
We recommend a budget of 3 US$ to 5 US$ per person per day for tips.

Vital equipment

We recommend packing:

For your head:

A cap or sunhat
A good pair of sunglasses (level 3 or 4, glacier)
For your core:

1 or 2 sets of thermals: long-sleeved thermal tops and full-length long johns
Long sleeved and short sleeved t-shirts, appropriate for hiking in 1 fleece or equivalent
A breathable wind proof, waterproof jacket (Gore-Tex...)

A rain cape or protective waterproof bag for your day-bag

For your legs:

1 or 2 pairs of long shorts
1 pair of walking trousers
For your feet and hands:
Your hiking boots (high-cut, thick soles...)
A pair of trainers
A pair of sandals for wearing in the sea
Thick walking socks
To keep you hydrated:

A good water bottle (min. 1.5 l)

For snorkeling:

A swimsuit
A long-sleeved rash vest to protect you
And do not forget:

A good sun-cream (SPF 50+, water resistant, biodegradable...)

Insect repellent
A wash bag - your personal toiletries

Helpful equipment

You may also want to bring:

  • A camera and spare batteries/portable charger
  • A power plug travel adapter
  • A head torch and spare batteries
  • A pocket knife

  • A fast drying micro-fibre beach towel
  • A bath towel
  • Blister plasters
  • A small personal first aid kit

  • Zip lock bags to protect your important documents and electronics
  • A laundry bag/bin bag for your dirty clothes
  • Tissues
  • Earplugs


Please bring a small rucksack to use as a day bag. You can bring this as hand luggage on the airplane. You will carry your lunch, water, spare layers and any personal medication with you each day in this bag. You will also need a larger bag to store your other clothes and belongings in, please ensure that this is a soft bag like a rucksack or holdall rather than a hard cased suitcase because it is more practical. We recommend packing all of your clothes in plastic bags so that they stay dry in the event of wet weather.


Your guide/driver is a trained first-aider and will carry a full first aid kit at all times during the trip. We recommend that you bring a small personal first aid kit containing any medication you may need such as inhalers, plasters, antiseptic and painkillers.


To go to Indonesia travelers need a passport which is valid for at least six months after the date of entry. It is your responsibility to confirm your specific passport requirements and proof of onwards travel is required.


Visa on Arrival

Travelers applying for visa on arrival must submit:

A passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 (six) months,
A return ticket or onward ticket to another country,
Visa on Arrival fee of 500,000 IDR
Proof of ownership of health insurance which includes financing for COVID-19 and medical evacuation

Visa on Arrival initial validity is up to a maximum of 30 days and can be extended once for up to another 30 days at the local Immigration Office.
It is your responsibility to confirm your specific visa requirements.

Mandatory vaccines

Due to Covid situation:

All inbound travelers 12 years and older must be fully vaccinated (complete dose of COVID-19 vaccines, with booster) against COVID-19, at least 14 days prior to travel. The Indonesian Government recognizes the following vaccinations: two- doses Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, AstraZeneca, or Sinopharm and single-dose of Johnson & Johnson.


Upon arrival, travelers will complete a COVID-19 symptom check, and temperature check.
If the traveler is symptomatic or has a body temperature above 99.5 F, a PCR test will be taken at the airport.
If this test is positive, the traveler must isolate at their residence or a facility approved for COVID-19 isolation. The traveler is responsible for all associated costs.

For clients who come from Saudi Arabia, you need to be vaccinated against meningitis 10 days before your arrival in Indonesia.

Health information & recommendations

It is your responsibility to check that your personal insurance covers everything in this trip. A consultation with your doctor is a prerequisite for any trip. Malaria prophylaxis is advised if your trip goes to Flores, Komodo, Sumatra, Sulawesi, the Sundra Islands or Kalimatan. Anti-malaria treatments are not necessary in Bali, Java or Lombok. Avoid contact with mosquitoes as much as possible: apply repellents, wear long trousers/sleeves and sleep with a mosquito net. The World Health Organisation can provide further details of the latest health news and medical advice.


Indonesia is positioned on both sides of the equator making it subject to a similar climate year round. As a rule the South is generally drier and less hot. The average temperature ranges between 24°C and 35°C (75°F and 95°F). We cannot guarantee no rain but we can suggest that the best season to visit Indonesia is the dry season, from mid-April to October/November.


Indonesia uses European-style plugs with two round pins. Voltage is normally 220 V 50 Hz except in a few places where it is 110 V.

Local time

Indonesia is spread across three time zones. The Lesser Sunda Islands use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)/ Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +8. Indonesia does not use Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Sustainable tourism

As adventure and wilderness travel experts who run trips to some of the most remote parts of the world, we take responsible tourism very seriously.
We respect the ‘Leave No Trace’ outdoor ethical code and try to explore this beautiful location whilst causing minimal environmental damage.

The Leave No Trace policy can be summarized in 7 simple steps which we hope you will follow during our trip...

1. Be prepared
2. Stick to trails and camp overnight right
3. Stash your trash and pick up waste
4. Leave it as you find it
5. Be careful with fire
6. Respect wildlife
7. Be considerate of other visitors

Over the years we have built up good relations with our local suppliers and we are keen to support local businesses as much as possible. We are a small company and we pay our local partners and suppliers directly insuring fair rates.
Our small group sizes not only provide a more intimate adventure but also cause less impact on the environment and local communities.

We expect all who travel with us to support and uphold our Sustainable Tourism philosophies.

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